Timmy was taken to a veterinary hospital in Spain when he became very ill from a virus.  Within three days he was feeling much better and waiting for his owners to come and collect him.  They weren’t sure they could pay the bill so they were told they could pay instalments, but still they left Timmy in a cage in the hospital where he was eagerly awaiting their arrival.  They never came.  After more than two weeks the hospital told the owners that if they didn’t come and collect their dog, the police would take him to the local pound.  The owners did not object to him being taken away so that is when Timmy was taken home by one of the veterinary nurses where he is now being fostered in her home.

Timmy is three months old  is thought to be a Yorkshire Terrier cross.  He is very bouncy and friendly and loves playing with the other dogs.  Timmy is good with cats too and not frightened of horses either, in fact he wants them to play with him too!  Timmy is an easy going little chap who would compliment any family.  At the moment he has a beautiful long, soft coat that would require grooming, but he could also be clipped.

Ideally he would love a home with another dog that he can play with and teach him the ropes, as he is still so young he needs a home with someone who is around all day and happy to put in the training with him, as any new puppy requires. Whoever adopts Timmy will be very lucky he is just such a fun, sweet, cheeky little boy who loves life!

If you feel you can offer Timmy his forever home, please fill out our pre-adoption form for him. http://sos-animals.org.uk/adoption/

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