We were asked to take Jack by one of our foster homes in Spain. He was found in a terrible state along with his sister Jill. He had been in foster for nearly a year and no one would give him a chance. So we decided to help this lovely boy and bring him to the UK to be fostered, thankfully he found a wonderful home where he is adored. This is Jack’s story:

Meet my Jack, mad as a box of frogs, obsessed with squirrels and likes ‘making love’ to blond labradors..preferably male! He is a total huggy monster and has come such a long way since appearing on sos website. Jack was a baby found on a rubbish tip with his mum Lucy and his sister Jill who lives in Holland. I have added 2 more to the pack and Jack just accepts them and they all get on so well.

imageHere they all are making good use of my bed!

They all get on very well, and I adore my pack!


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