Jasmine (formerly Marie Jose)


Jasmine is, we think, a Schipperke and now lives in her forever home with Cathy Klar.

This is Jasmine’s story as told by Cathy Klar (August 2012)

“Having lost my 15 year old Westie in January 2012, by April I was desperate to find another dog to keep my other 5 year old Westie (called Hamish) company as he seemed lost without his old buddy.

Being involved with doing fund raising for SOS Animals UK, Tania approached me about adopting Jasmine. My first thoughts were that Jasmine was everything I didn’t want in a dog being black, a bitch and what I thought looked like a Chihuahua X.

Little is known about Jasmine, all I have been told is that she is around 2 years old and was found wandering outside her foster home in Spain where she was taken in until she was rehomed.

Anyway, I decided to take the plunge and adopt her and on Monday 14th May 2012, together with Hamish and my husband, we went and picked her up. She was so scared when they got her out of the van and on the journey home she sat on my lap panting and looking at me all bewildered.

jasmine2We finally got home that night at about 9.30pm so we more or less went straight to bed. I had bought Jasmine a brand new pink bed but she just wanted to spend her first night sharing Hamish’s bed!

On her first walk the next morning, she seemed a bit bewildered and spent the day at my salon (being a dog groomer). She was a little timid to start with but by lunch time she was playing with most of the dogs that came in for a groom.

Three months on and she rules the roost! Hamish is such a gentleman where she is concerned and has not grumbled at her once letting her get in front of line when treats are being dished out. They have become the best of friends and when I see them playing together it makes my heart melt and feel very proud to have given such a sweet natured dog a loving and safe home where she will not want for anything, except maybe another treat!

Jasmine and Hamish now accompany me on most fund raising events where they enjoy getting lots of attention.”

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