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Age: 2 years
Breed: Cross-Breed
Weight: 4-5kg
Height: 25cm (approx)
Colour: Black & White

This adorable little boy is called Bertin. He is around 2 years old and is only tiny.

Bertin came to us from another rescue we work with as he needed an urgent rescue space as his previous home in the UK could no longer keep him. Bertin is just a great all round dog, he is your typical little dog with a huge character. He is so affectionate, playful and sweet you cannot help not to fall for him. Full of fun and joy!

Sadly when he was in the shelter in Spain he got attacked by another dog and sustained an injury, which resulted in surgery and the loss of his eye. However this does not cause him any complications or bothers him in the slightest. Bertin was originally found abandoned on the streets before he was brought to the rescue.

Despite this he is still great with other dogs and loves to play with them. Bertin really is such an easy going guy with a huge heart and is just so sweet he really would make a great companion. Bertin’s ideal home would be with someone who can give him lots of love and attention and good walks!

Bertin has not been with us for very long so we are still assessing him to make sure we find him his perfect forever home, he is in our kennels in Derbyshire.

However please do fill out our adoption form if you would like to be considered for this very precious little man…

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