BREED:  Podenco

BORN: 2011

SEX: Female


Chispa was kept on a chain in a garden all of her life until she was rescued. When she first came to us she was an extremely worried little girl, very submissive, and when approached she would freeze like a frightened rabbit with her head hung low and made no attempt to escape. When anyone picked her up she went totally stiff and was too afraid to give any eye contact. But despite this she was always extremely affectionate & once she realised no harm was going to come to her she would be more than happy to stay cuddled up in your arms. Chispa has now been in our shelter for 6 months and although she is still very submissive, she is no longer afraid and has gained in confidence with people and all the other dogs.  She loves to go for walks, and being a Podenco, even though she doesn’t have a particularly strong hunting instinct she loves to look for anything that moves which she can chase. Chispa would really appreciate a home where she could have lots of love and attention & a secure garden to run around in. She is not a demanding girl, not at all dominant and gets on with all the other dogs. It would be a distinct advantage if her new owner has an understanding of hunting breeds.

Sadly Chispa has tested positive for leishmania, but dogs can live perfectly normal lives with this condition so please read our information sheet here:



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