Manuela is a gorgeous young girl who is full of life and a really happy go lucky girl. She is around a year old and is approximately 20kg and 55cm height.

She was abandoned as a puppy along with her siblings and was taken into Malaga dog pound, until she came into our care.

Manuela is such a great dog with a wonderful personality, she is really good with other dogs, and loves people and is so affectionate. Manuela will really fit in to almost any home but ideally would love an fun, active home and would love doggy friends too! She was a great hit at our recent fun dog show where she was friendly with everyone, allowing strangers to stroke her, including children.  She was not worried by all the noise or being in a busy environment, she took it all in her stride and was very laid back. She is a very affectionate cuddly dog with a sweet nature. She never jumps up and although she is still very young she does not play bite, but she does love a good rough and tumble with any other willing dogs. She is quite interested in cats but we feel it is simply puppy curiosity & with careful introductions she should be ok. She would be a good family dog preferably with another dog to play with. She is currently in our shelter in Spain but can come to the UK once she has found her forever home, if you feel that could be you, please fill out our pre-adoption form:

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