MARCUS  is an older boy who our local vet has guessed to be around 9 years old, but none of us can quite believe he is that old, he has a spring in his step and certainly doesn’t act his age.  He was found at a local garden centre looking very sorry for himself and very lost. The staff were not at all happy about him begging for food and so they were chasing him away – straight onto a busy road.  When we approached him to see if he had a collar or tag he was so terrified he lay on his back and peed himself with fear.  However, he didn’t run away but once he realised we were not going to harm him he just wanted to stay with us and be made a fuss of.  Once we established he had been abandoned we took him to our shelter where he immediately made himself at home and ran round and round looking so happy.  He actually seemed to be very grateful for being rescued, and shows his affection by wanting to give you lots of cuddles and kisses. He is mainly a Bodeguero but appears to have a something else in him, possibly Chihuahua as his head seems a bit too small for his chunky little body, but whatever he is he has a terrific character and makes us all smile with his funny grin.  He gets on with all the other dogs and has been cat tested twice and totally ignored them. He has been socialised in the local streets and wasn’t worried by anything – lots of people, cars, motorbikes, etc.  He travels well in the car and when on the lead he tends to walk behind you for reassurance. Marcus will fit into most homes with or without another dog.

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