MYRA – now homed

BREED:  Podenco Cross

D.O.B:   April 2012

GENDER:  Female

HEIGHT:  32 cm

WEIGHT: 12kg approx

This is little Myra.  Sadly when she arrived we discovered she had no teeth on one side of her mouth so her toungue sticks out of her mouth. We don’t know her background but our vet thinks it may have been due to medication given as a puppy, combined with a very poor diet or possibly some trauma to the side of her face, but her jaw is not affected. Whatever the reason it doesn’t affect her at all, and doesn’t present any medical issues. Myra is very endearing and has a wonderful sweet temperament.

Myra is very affectionate and likes to be cuddled, but at the same time she is quite independent, and is quite happy to relax on her own bed and snooze in the sun.  She is very friendly and gets on well with all the other dogs. She loves to go for walks and walks well on the lead.

We are looking for a secure and loving home for Myra, ideally with another dog.  We have not cat tested her yet but with careful introductions we don’t feel it would be a problem. She would be fine with older children who have an understanding and are respectful of dogs. A home who have experience of the breed will be preferred and who are aware of podenco traits!

If you feel you could offer sweet little Myra a loving home then please read our adoption procedures:

Then if you feel you can offer Myra the home she needs please fill in our pre-adoption form:



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