BORN: NOV 2013

Pip is the most gentle, laid-back & undemanding boy who sadly has been at SOS with his sister Lucy since he was a puppy. He is quite lazy which is why most photographs are of him sleeping or in his bed. But he is still only very young and so loves to go for a walks when he behaves brilliantly on a lead and is very attentive and trainable. Sadly he is extremely nervous and will only go the volunteers who he knows and trusts.

When he is out on a walk he has much more confidence, but if anyone gets cross with him he just goes to pieces, so he needs a very gentle understanding person to help him overcome his fears. He has an amazingly tolerant temperament and is very submissive with all the other dogs and avoids trouble at all costs. He desperately needs to go to a home as he is feeling lost without his sister who has now found her forever home.

We feel he needs a quiet home where someone will give him lots of time and patience and be attentive to his needs, and he will also benefit from another gentle dog. Although we think he will be fine with children, he will be very frightened by them and so could only be homed with an older experienced dog savvy child. Poor Pip is rather sad and seems to have lost some of his enthusiasm for life, can you help him learn to trust people again and enjoy life.

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