GENDER:  Female

D.O.B:  June 2014

WEIGHT:  10 kilos

HEIGHT:  42 cms

SASCHA is a very attractive small German Shepherd X. Due to her markings we thought she could possibly be crossed with a husky, but as she is maturing she resembles more of a GSD. She loves to be taught new skills and would benefit and enjoy doing an activity, or going to an exercise or training class. She gets along with all other dogs at the shelter, instigates playtime, and is always at the centre of any games. She walks well on the lead and here at the shelter she is let off the lead as she has good recall. SASCHA would benefit from an active but calm home with someone who is prepared to keep her mind occupied and give her lots of exercise, and hopefully a good sized secure garden. She could be placed with or without another dog and would be fine for mature respectful children.

Sadly Sascha has tested positive for leishmania, but dogs can live perfectly normal lives with this condition so please read our information sheet here:

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