Breed: Spanish waterdog cross podenco Sex: Male Age: 6 months Weight : 6kg Height: 40 cm

Meet Snoopy! He is an adorable y puppy around 6 months old. He was born in a petrol station, and the owners of his Mum let her have pups. However sadly the owner was not bothered by the puppies and they were left to fend for themselves on the street. Snoopy was adopted by a neighbour but was left to run about the streets still, sadly Snoopy got hit by a car and broke his leg. After the accident, the person who adopted him did not want to know and abandoned him. Thankfully a lady rescued him and brought him to our foster home where he is being taken care of now. He currently lives with her dogs and cats and is doing really well. His operation went really well and he has recovered well. It should not cause him any further medical complications however it is good that anyone who adopts Snoopy is aware of his injury and we would suggest preventative treatment to help him in the future such as joint supplements. It does not hinder him at all and he is a playful, happy pup who can lead a normal life. He is a friendly sociable boy with so much love to give!! He loves all dogs, people, children and cats! Ideally we would love to find him a home with another playful dog as he really enjoys playing. Snoopy is a fun, lively, active pup who would love a home who can give him the time and attention he deserves. If you feel you can give Snoopy his forever home please fill our our pre-adoption form: Snoopy is currently in a foster home in Spain but can travel to the UK once he finds his forever home.

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