Bert & Meggie – RE-HOMED

BORN: 2011 & 2013
WEIGHT: 4.5KG & 4 KG

Bertie & Megan were originally rescued by a lady who has now unfortunately found herself in the sad position of having to re-home them again. Sadly her husband died earlier this year and then she had a terrible car accident which has left her unable to look after these 2 adorable little dogs.

Both Bertie and Meggie are very well adjusted little dogs who have previously lived together in a home. When they arrived after 3 days travelling through Spain and France, they walked into the fosterers home and settled down as if they had been there for years. They both have wonderful natures and are extremely cuddly and affectionate. They have lived with lots of other dogs in our foster home in Spain, and are now living together in their foster home in the UK, and quite happy to be getting all the fuss and attention their so desperately want. They have also both lived with cats. They are lead trained, used to being left for short periods, and apart from the odd accident when they first arrived they are housetrained.

Bertie is not as confident as Meggie, and is quite happy to laze around the house, especially if he can jump on your knee. He is a little unsure of his new surroundings outside, and is more than happy to come back into the house where he feels safe, so he will need a little time and patience to adjust to the outside environment at his new home, and handled very gently as he is a little more sensitive. Bertie could be Yorkie x but he is longer in the body. His coat has been clipped in these photos, but it will grown long and so will need to be looked after and groomed regularly.

Meggie on the other hand is very outgoing and confident, nothing seems to worry her at all. She is very playful and in typical terrier fashion loves to kill her fluffy toys. Sadly Bertie has no idea about what to do with toys, but would secretly like to join in if someone would show him how. Meggie is a Yorkie x, the same height as Bertie but considerably shorter in length. She has been clipped in these photos but her hair will grow and so will need to be looked after and groomed regularly.

Both these little dogs are easy going and would fit into most homes. However, although they could possibly be homed separately, they have lived together for the past year and get on so well, and because Bertie gets his confidence from Meggie, we will give priority to those who would be prepared to adopt both dogs together. Priority will also be given to mature couples who are home during the day, and although they would be fine with children, we feel a quiet, rural home without children would be preferable.

Bertie and Meggie are currently being fostered in Nottinghamshire. If you feel you can give these adorable little dogs the special home they deserve please do get in touch and fill out our pre-adoption form.

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