Django was picked up as a stray in June 2018, tired, hungry, thirsty but otherwise in good health. He moved to SOS as soon as we had space and has settled in very well.

He is a confident, good-natured boy who gets on well with his kennel mates and any other dogs that he meets when he visits the volunteer’s house where he has become a regular house dog. He loves going for walks, walks well on the lead and is also very good in the car. Our volunteer has visited Django in Spain and found him to be a very soft & sweet natured boy, submissive, undemanding and being slightly older is quite lazy so more than happy to snooze the day away in a comfy place. He is rather fond of men and likes to follow one of the male volunteers around, keeping him company whilst he’s working.

He is a great dog who would make a wonderful companion for someone. He is a Spanish Bodeguero and true to his breed, a very loyal dog. We are quite certain that Django has had a home in the past.

Django was born around January 2013, currently weighs 14kg and is 45cm tall. He has a passport and is ready to travel.

Django has been tested borderline leischamnia which is only at low level and can be controlled with simple medication, so please don’t let this deter you from adopting this sweet little boy. This condition and it’s treatment can be discussed on application .











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