Little Caesar was found running in the street in a town close to the shelter. He was caught by some of our local supporters as they were concerned that he would be hit by a car. He was in good condition but not microchipped and an owner did not come forward despite extensive advertising.

He is a really happy, bouncy & friendly little dog who has obviously had a home in the past. He is confident and playful with everyone he meets and very affectionate. He is good on the lead and will be easy to train.  He has settled well at SOS and is currently living at the volunteer’s house where his favourite thing is to cuddle up in bed at night with his head on the pillow.  He gets on well with all other dogs, whether that is during playtime in the pen or when he encounters other visitors to the volunteer’s house. He is a great little dog with a big personality who would fit well in most family situations.

Caesar was born around January 2017, currently weighs 7kg and is 23cm tall. He is ready to travel for the right home.

Caesar has tested borderline leischmania which can be easily treated with regular medication, so please don’t let this deter you from expressing your interest in adopting this little boy.  This condition & it’s treatment can be discussed on application .

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