BORN: 2011

This gorgeous girl is Rubba, she was found in the most terrible conditions locked up in a place in Seville with many other dogs with no food, water or shelter. Hew owner was very unwell and was collecting lots of dogs who she could not look after. When the authorities intervened, many of the animals were in a very bad state. A kennel in Seville who SOS work with took on many of the dogs and have worked hard to socialize them and teach them to trust people again.

Rubba has recovered really well and despite her sad past has really blossomed. She is an incredibly trusting, loyal, affectionate and confident girl who is just so lovely. She has done really well in the kennels where she lives with other dogs. She just likes to relax! She has a wonderful personality and it is hard to think anyone could treat her like they did. She is just adorable.

Rubba is a very happy lively girl who just loves to learn new things. She is very intelligent and receptive to training, very playful, and particularly loves to play ball. (See her video link). She also loves water – so would be very happy if she was lucky enough to get a home near the seaside. She is not too pushy and doesn’t jump up much at all. She would benefit from a little lead training as she can pull in her initial excitement to get out of the kennels and is strong, but she will walk quite happily beside you after she has calmed down. She is great with all the other dogs and we think will be fine with slightly older respectful children. Rubba would suit an active person or family who would give her plenty of walks and would be marvelous at agility or flyball. She is a good all round fun dog.

Since she was rescued she has now spent a year in the kennels, it is sadly just so hard to find homes for dogs locally and she keeps getting over-looked. We would really love to find her a home here where she can be someone’s world and finally get the love, care and attention she deserves. Rubba is about two years old now, she is vaccinated, neutered, has a passport and is ready for her new home!!!! Please give this fantastic girl her chance of a new life, it is hard to believe she has been waiting for so long.

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