SHELDON together with his two brothers and sister, arrived at SOS as young pups. Whilst his siblings have all found homes, Sheldon is still waiting and we cannot understand why as he is a beautiful dog with a lovely temperament.

He is a fairly quiet dog except for when he is getting ready for his twice daily walks and then he gets very excited.  He would require a home with another dog, and preferably someone who has experience of Podencos as he is a hunter and so would need to be kept mostly on a lead whilst out walking.  He can also display some of the typical Podenco traits such as  the Podenco squeal when he sees a passing car, therefore he would require training in this are with someone who understands Podencos.

Sheldon is an affectionate dog who enjoys any fuss that he receives from the volunteers. He does not demand it though as some of the other more pushy dogs do and this means that he can sometimes get overlooked. He is an all round sweet dog who gets on well with other dogs and people and would make a lovely loyal companion for anyone who can offer a calm, stable home where he can really blossom.

This incredibly handsome Podenco/Bodeguero mix boy was born end June 2017, weighs 17kg and is 54cm tall.


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