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This is the happy ending story of Marina, as told by her owner, Paula Allen... "It all began about twenty years ago, me and my husband, Brian went on holiday to Costa-del-Sol. It was the first time we’d been there and we loved it – hot, sunny weather; everybody happy and enjoying themselves, it was…
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Jasmine (formerly Marie Jose)

Jasmine is, we think, a Schipperke and now lives in her forever home with Cathy Klar. This is Jasmine’s story as told by Cathy Klar (August 2012) "Having lost my 15 year old Westie in January 2012, by April I was desperate to find another dog to keep my other 5 year old Westie (called…
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Donut now lives in his forever home with Vanessa Parratt and her family. This is Donut’s story as told by Vanessa Parratt (September 2011) "I lost my beautiful terrier Poppy 2 years ago to dementia, it broke my heart and I didn’t get another dog, I was just too upset. Time has passed and I…
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Bobby is a 6 year old Cocker Spaniel and now lives in his forever home with Helen Town. This is Bobby’s story as told by Helen Town (March 2011) "Having lost my dog Lia a staff/boxer in November 2010, I was adamant that I would not have any more dogs. After a few months I…
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Barney (formerly Chaplin)

Barney is a Podenco Companero and now lives in his forever home with Alison and David Foster This is Barney’s story as told by Alison Foster (August 2012) "We first read Barney’s terrible story on the SOS website. He is a Podenco Campanero and had been kept by a hunter, tied up in a dark…
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